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Partnering through Creative Chemistry. Crompton Petroleum Additives is the leading global components supplier to the lubricants industry. With manufacturing sites located in Latina, Italy; Amsterdam, The Netherlands; Geismar, Louisiana, USA; Petrolia, Pennsylvania, USA; Memphis,Tennessee, USA; Elmira and West Hill, Canada; Altamira, Mexico; Rio Claro, Brazil, and Kaohsiung, Taiwan, we are strategically positioned to deliver high quality products and services in a timely manner to customers around the world. Our core strengths in antioxidant, high-viscosity polyalphaolefin, and sulphonate technologies, as well as detergent chemistry, make us the premier supplier of components used in lubricant and fuel additive packages, water-soluble metalworking fluids, and industrial greases. Our family of component additives include: Naugalube® antioxidants, Synton® high-viscosity polyalphaolefins (PAO), Petronate® sodium sulphonates, Hybase® overbased sulphonates, Lobase® neutral sulphonates; Barinate® barium sulphonates, Calcinate calcium sulphonates, and G-2000® calcium sulphonate complex greases. Other Crompton products that find application in this industry are Kemamide® demulsifiers, Kemamine® friction modifiers, and Hystrene® and Industrene® antiwear and extreme pressure agents, which are fatty acids and derivatives used for lubricity. Let us find a better solution for you. See our contact details below or visit our web site.

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